30th Anniversary-The Romance Continues

We are going to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary on Tuesday April 7. Before the stroke we had decided to do something special on our 30th, a get away alone, nice dinner etc. Little did we know just how special it would truly be. We don’t need a romantic night or weekend get away because this life is filled with romance daily. Do you know what Romance means? Romance is a way to feel connected to someone in a deeper way.

We connected as deep as deep can go during the stroke, when I was telling him to fight while he was in a coma and the doctors were saying he was not going to live, but God was assuring me differently. There is romance every morning when I shave his face and he pulls out my vitamin container and reminds me to take them even though he may forget his ….but then I remind him.

Romance is when he is telling me I am beautiful and knows I am unhappy about my weight gain. Romance is sitting in the chair next to him, just glad he is sitting in the chair next to me. It is also remembering the exact spot in the park in Indiana where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Romance doesn’t have to happen in a new exotic place with perfection in settings and candles with gourmet food and someone waiting on you. Romance can be sitting in the doctors office together and getting good news. It can even be getting news that is not so great but getting it together is the key.

Romance can be a tank top and sports bra and not an evening gown or negligee. It can be carrying the laundry in together and putting it away. A real sense of accomplishment.

Romance is reminding each other you can do whatever you put your mind too! Then helping each other reach your goals.

Praying together taking turns praying for each other is a deep sense of love and romance.

Our marriage has had many turns and many roads. We had times where we were not sure it would last or if we wanted it to! We have seen deaths, heart ache, victories, glorious joy and many, many blessings. We became believers in Christ, one of the best most romantic things we ever did together.

We are definitely not going to have the anniversary we planned 4 years ago. We are going to acknowledge it with dinner together and a walk afterwards. I asked Scotty if he knew what Tuesday was and he said yes it is Happy Birthday and I asked “Whose Birthday” and he said “Yours and mine”. I asked if he knew it was our 30th , he started to cry and he said “That is a long time and you make me very happy. Thank you”

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