Another New Normal or Life in Isolation

The first thing is my husband has several of the underlying issues which puts him in the compromised immunity group. WOW that was a mouthful and could be very scary. It really isn’t , what it does mean is I have to understand what is happening with this virus. How do we all live with it and how do I protect my husband and explain to him what is happening.

I can honestly say I do not feel punished in any way. As a matter of fact it has been eye opening to look at my calendar before and post the stay at home. I was over committed for sure, this is nothing new my husband , my best friend, my son, my sister have all been telling me …do you understand the word “NO” is it even in your vocabulary. Well is certainly is now!

Truth, we have only been out to the Doctor and together, I have done instacart, whole foods delivery thru Amazon prime, my best friend has been my personal shopper. I went to the grocery once and to the pharmacy once. We have survived. We have eaten very healthy, we spend alot of time out doors because we live in a secluded small 55+ where half the residents are back in Canada. We can easily walk, and ride bikes. I already worked from home so no transition on that front.

We have really nice bikes that we have hardly ridden…why because too busy! We ride at least 2x a day now and I got lights so we can ride at night. It has been interesting. My husband has excellent balance on the bike, but if his foot slips off it is often difficult to get it placed again. This is the right side that is still partially paralyzed. He keeps going though he knows how much I love riding with him. We continue to make discoveries. Riding at night is exceptionally hard for him . We did alot of stopping. We have not figured it out yet, but he wants to keep trying.

There was a big gap for him no going to the gym. Thankfully I had been buying small pieces of work out equipment for him and found a folding bench that adjusts by notches which makes it easier than the kind with a lynch pinch that he cannot manipulate. He works out every other day. He asks me to make copies of exercises from his Muscle and fitness magazine and put on the calendar his work out days.

We have binged some great shows and movies. We have laughed and turned off the really terrible ones! Our meals have been inventive ! I found a website and ordered him Wrestling magazines from the days where he remembered wrestling. He looks them over with a keen eye and a smile on his face.

He tells me all the time how thankful he is for my job and glad I do not have my old job. He says we are in great shape and we are for sure. He loves every meal and tells me I am a great cook. He does chores everyday and sweeps the neighbors drive ways after the lawn crew has worked. He wants to meet the new people around the corner who are flying the Marine Corp flag. I found a great place and ordered him new Marine corp t shirts.

We sit together for our Zoom prayer meetings and he watches and listens to the messages our pastor has recorded with me.

What is new some very inventive meals, riding our bikes everyday. Willinging watching some terrible TV. I have picked up my drawing pencil and watercolor paint brush again. He loves to see what I am doing. Still laughing everyday, exercising in new ways. The change jar is not growing, but we are saving money. We don’t miss eating out. We do miss our church family and the in person services, we do miss Special Olympics events and the athletes. This too will pass.

Isolation is what you make of it and we are grateful to be working and living everyday.

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