It is Always a New Day

When a person has a stroke I have concluded that the days are really not the same filled with the same order of events or actions even though that is a certain truth. Each day is different and new because they are still with you. Each day for me is filled with joy because I have a daily reminder that there is a God and he loves me very much.

A new day because I am daily amazed, amused, loved, loving and tired (tired just means it was a full day). Recently it is new because there is a world wide situation with a virus. Immediately my husband falls into the category of a compromised immune system. He depends on me to know what to do. We cut our trip visiting grand kids short, we immediately sheltered in our home. We only went out for a doctor appointment and to grab fresh food. The ramifications of him or I contracting this virus would be dire. I was not panicked, I was not full of anxiety. I immediately thanked God for all the ways we were prepared. Our general good health. A supply of toilet paper! I already was a work from home person.

My husband and I watch the news for a short time in the morning and the evening. He would look at me and say “are you worried?” I respond “No, are you” I get that crooked grin and he said “Not if you aren’t” Is that Love or what? It really is a powerful thing.

I have had a lot of time to look at things, I started to get frustrated with laundry. Every shirt of my husbands is inside out. In the midst of my frustration I remembered they are inside out because of his partial paralysis on his right side making it a struggle to even take a shirt off. I realize as I look at the pile there were many nights I did not help him. The struggle is ok because it is good for him.

I have had time to paint in an artistic way which has long been a love of mine. He of course works out everyday. He is one of the only people who have lost weight while being quarantined !

Now that he is home everyday, he will come into my office and tell me “I love you”, or says “you are beautiful” or “you are smart”. Everyday he tells me Thank you for lunch and it is delicious. He always wants to be the best Scott he can possibly be. He wants to be strong and he wants to be healthy. He wants to be a good husband and Dad. He wants to be a good man. He prays everyday. He enters each day with anticipation and joy that is amazing. His sense of humor is endless and truly funny.

There are reminders of what has happened but they usually bring right behind them a reminder of how far he has come and what he has accomplished.

What a blessing.

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