Long Time to Go

It has been quite a while since I have written, just life getting busy. We have passed some milestones, 1 year since the stroke, first holidays in the new house since the stoke. Memory drug prescribed and well under way.

Acts of frustration have popped up here and there, some sadness, and impatience of wanting a new normal that is normal, not a new normal that is stroke driven.

Then you have to stop and breathe as I often do and remember with a shudder the Dr’s words, large stroke, deep in the brain, death is imminent. Part of it was true and the other part God reached out his hand and said no he isn’t.

We must never stop looking up and smiling and celebrating. Our latest was me asking him to grab the post it notes. Immediately I thought why did you ask for the post it notes, Scotty does not know what the dang post it notes are! I turned and there he was with a beautiful smile holding the Post It notes over his head like a trophy that was just bestowed upon him for winning a race. Next thing I know I have tears in my eyes what joy! He remembered something obscure. Then the realization hit, putting things up and remembering where they were has become a new reality and it is good.

God created the brain as an intricate computer the worlds first but he built in us the ability thru faith to repair the damage. The hard drive does not have to be replaced it just has to be rebuilt in faith. Reconnect those broken connections. It is possible. How wonderful to contemplate the coming days and months and the joy and accomplishments that will follow.

We are still full of hope, we wipe the tears away and put one foot in front of the other as we continue this journey called life and stroke recovery.

3 thoughts on “Long Time to Go

  1. This is beautiful,Diane! We are soooo glad that Scotty is still with us and doing so well. It’s always a pleasure to see him at Special O meetings and events and the progress that he has made in that one year. Porter

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  2. I’m so glad Scott is moving in the right direction. I can relate to a few things as I had a stroke in 2014. I had three stents put in. Mine was not a large stroke but it did affect my memory. It’s hard sometimes for me to carry a conversation as I can’t remember words. Still through it all, I feel blessed. Diane, you really need to continue writing. Your very good at it. When I read your blogs, it’s like I’m there when this and that happened. You make the words come alive. Tell Scott we are thinking and praying for him. God Bless.

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