First Holiday

This Thanksgiving was several “firsts” First real holiday in our new house, first holiday with Scott since his stroke. Last year we were all scattered at Thanksgiving our beautiful daughter, husband and children couldn’t bear the daily reports and came to Florida the week of Thanksgiving to spend several 10 minute visits in ICU with her Dad. He doesn’t remember it but she does, the grand kids do and me so grateful that they came and hugged me.

Then they were off driving back to have Thanksgiving and get the kids ready to go back to school. When I look back at last year sometimes it seems it was just one long endless day of standing, sitting, waiting for doctors, waiting for insurance, waiting for the next success. The boys asked me what do you want to do for Thanksgiving and I told them sit next to your Dad in the hospital. So off everyone went. Jack cooked for friends that were helpless in the kitchen. Jake went with his girlfriend to their family gathering. I sat next to Scotty waiting for the approval to move him to the rehabilitation hospital.

This year we had a traditional Turkey dinner in our home. Most years we did not have Turkey but Scotty wanted it so Jack made his bacon covered Turkey and cheesy mashed potatoes and I did rest. It was fantastic as it should be Scott was alive and home what could be better.

The stroke brain is a curious thing as sometimes it is child like in it’s appreciation of things and desires.  So we are letting the stroke brain guide us this holiday season and so far so good.  Our new little house is being turned slowly into a Christmas Cottage and excitement is growing for the Holidays.

While I appreciate the nuances of the stroke brain , I have to confess that I miss my partner in shopping , planning, wrapping and keeping secret the surprises planned.  There is a sometimes weariness in making all of the decisions and plans.  I still have a partner but like most of life it is now different and we are pursuing our relationship to the fullest.

Christmas will be a time to be thankful that Christ was born, for without him Scotty would not be here to enjoy it once again.

One thought on “First Holiday

  1. Thank you again, Diane, for bearing your soul so freely! I’m so thankful this “first, first”, found you all still heading in the right dieection!

    Love you friend!

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