October 25 2017

On this day October 25 2017, our lives changed and are still in the motion and fluid of those changes.  On that day Scott had a large stroke deep in his brain on the left side.  He became paralyzed on the right side of his body, even his tongue was paralyzed.  On that day my son who is special needs and suffers from anxiety and seizures, helped get his Dad to the ER as quickly as humanly possible without any type of anxiety or seizure and has been clear of them ever since.

As for me my walk with the LORD has become more real, close, fulfilling and with a deeper understanding of how much God loves us.  One year later I look over next to me in bed and there is one of the biggest blessings the Lord could every give me living, breathing and home.

It may be a long road ahead as they say but it is but a blink of an eye compared to the alternative of the rest of my life on this earth without Scott, even knowing we would be reunited again in heaven.  I want as much time here as possible with him.

We continue to move with faith toward 100% healing and restoration of all functions.  We do not sit idly by Scott works out, does speech therapy and works on his small hand movement.  We do most things together.  If there is a Special Olympics event Scott comes and does the most he can and being around all the familiar things and people is wonderful.  He ushers at church and helps with any physical manual labor needed.

We still laugh all the time at things most people might think are sad or a sign of something that is not healed, or remembered properly.  Not us toothpaste on the toilet seat, underwear in the trash, empty bags in the refrigerator, a bottle of ketchup being handed to me instead of water, clothes being changed 5 times a day…our new temporary normal.

Life is not perfect because we are human beings with God given free choice, so yes I still get tired, frustrated, and sad.  I want my feet rubbed by my husband but he can’t because his hand is not 100%.  I want a real conversation about my day at work.   I want to go on a date where I am not cutting food or making all the plans.  These are such brief unimportant things when there is life where death sought to conquer.

On we go still partners in whatever comes next and in all of the outcomes.  We are partners in marriage and faith.  I will be forever thankful for all of the life we have, had and will be living.


One thought on “October 25 2017

  1. Diane,

    You continue to be an inspiration and a role model to so many. Even prior to Scott’s stroke, this same attitude and spirit was present in all you did. Now, you’re simply doing it for someone who truly matters. May God continue to bless you and your family. Lord knows, you’ve certainly ALL been a blessing to me!

    Love you Sare Famly!!!!


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