Valentines Day and The Comb

Today is Valentines Day and several days ago the love of my life said I want to take you to dinner. I said ok any special occasion he said it was heart day. Two days later we are at a friends house taking care of her autistic son as she takes care of her mother in law with a medical emergency. He has forgotten heart day which is good. First just him knowing it was Valentines day is the best gift of all. Secondly being able to do something for my best friend with him at my side is wonderful, so my Valentine heart overflows.

My emotions seem to sometimes run with the emotions of stroke brain which can be far ranging, strange, difficult, sweet, sad , and maddening. That does sound like me and I have never had a stroke, my husband had a very Marine Corp mind, and smart he is very smart. Seeing him exhibit stroke brain even after a year often gives me goosebumps, and double takes.

The Story of the comb begins with us recently purchasing a new to us used car. While cleaning out the old car Scotty found a nasty and I mean nasty cheap comb. It looked like it had been chewed on there was something growing on it and some kind of crazy dirt between the teeth the colors of a disgusting rainbow.

He grabbed it and said “my comb, I have been looking for this” If it wasn’t for stroke brain when I looked up there would have been a crooked smile as he held it out and pretended to comb his hair. But stroke brain there was a look of amazement and good fortune that the treasured years lost 79 cent comb has magically appeared. He said I am going to clean it.

My brain screamed “No it is a crummy, nasty 79 cent comb, and it is an ugly green color” My mouth said “OK let’s clean it.

He tried to clean it by running it under cold water. I said let me try, I spent more than 79 cents cleaning it. I soaked it in boiling soapy water, drenched it in alcohol, took an old toothbrush and scrubbed the tines. It is clean. I proudly gave it to him. He looked puzzled and said ” I have been looking for this comb for a long time and you found it” Then the tears came. That folks is the adventurous world of stroke brain.

I have no idea where that comb is today.

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