Potential Flash Back

We went to my husband’s 6-month kidney doctor appointment, there is always a slight twinge of anxiousness waiting as they review all the intensive blood and urine test results.  We had been traveling along at a good pace, everything was working excellently.

The focus is to keep the protein down, as the kidney’s thin with chronic kidney disease their filter does not work well.  I work very hard to give him plenty of protein and not too much but to sustain him thru his heavy workouts.

I try to jump ahead and get the protein count, but they do not jump ahead and steadily they go thru each aspect of the tests and his kidney functions.

All was good but the protein it doubled.

It was in an instance, I was crushed, guilty, tears trying to well up, but I fought them back. Instantly remembering his dialysis treatments in the hospital, the waiting every morning for the kidney doctor.

I looked at my husband he looked at me not understanding what was happening, me either.

Then the questions started pouring out, how long does the protein stay in the urine, what other things cause protein in the body, flash back over and full caregiver mode engaged.

The PA who was very calm said at this point there is no cause for worry we will test again in a month.

Still on the way home there was a twinge of panic, moisture in my eyes.

My husband looked at me and said Thank you.

For what I asked, he said for knowing the questions to ask.  Then he made this gesture his hands hovering over his head.  He does this when he is explaining that he cannot understand something, or something is confusing.

I smiled at him pulled my self together, finished the drive home and made the appointment for a month out.

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