New Normal

Can I just say I hate this over used term.  I hope I never, ever say it to anyone who Is in a similar or worst situation than taking care of a stroke survivor.

The reason I hate it is because it really is such a shallow description of the total disruption and destruction of a life, and lives.

It is not NEW NORMAL, that my extremely intelligent husband with a quick mind and awesome math skills.  Now cannot tie his own shoe.

New Normal-certain places and restaurants we can no longer visit because they are too busy or loud.

New normal no more traveling, no future traveling.  It is limited to seeing grandkids in Mississippi. Although I am going to plan a trip back to Indiana which I hope turns out all right.

New normal, no more birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards, anniversary cards from my husband because he has no concept of these days, nor can he remember them.

New Normal my husband can no longer speak fluently.

I mean I could just keep going, but no more new normal.  It really is a ridiculous statement.  I do not mean to offend anyone who has used this phrase.  I have learned much in my decision to be a mother to a special needs child and now caregiver to the love of my life.

My new normal is filled with joy.  I try to count it all joy and for the most part I am very successful.

I also wonder at times why this must be the new normal.

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