The Hospital and Surgery after a Stroke Pt. 2

Picking up where I left off in the hospital it was a whirlwind and at the same time everything seemed to take forever. Scotty’s blood pressure dropped very low and stayed that way. He slept all the time, his hemoglobin was very low , and the kidney’s became impacted. All of it left him with no energy.

The decision was made to give him a unit of blood and the kidney specialist was called in. All the while and thankfully he had no idea how seriously ill he had become. It is very strange, because he never lost his appetite and when he was awake which was never very long he was alert. I had to remind myself, keep thanking God because this is not going well.

The Kidney specialist explain his creatinine level kept creeping up and they were doing labs everyday to keep tabs on everything everything. His hemoglobin stabilized and the kidneys kept trending in the wrong direction. His baseline is .6 and they climbed to 11.2. The doctor on the weekend did not really make any decisions just explained what was happening. He just kept saying “Dr B is going to get excited when he sees Scotty’s labs” I had no idea who Dr B was but asked around and he seemed to be adored by all the staff and told us no worries he would take really good care of my husband. I couldn’t wait to meet him.

What happened was he started healing from the surgery but his kidneys were doing very poorly. So temporary dialysis was ordered. This means a port is put in your neck, more paperwork and then you do a partial dialysis to get your body used to it. I went with him to sign the releases and then was kicked out.

I went back to his room and waited, and waited and waited. Isn’t waiting for anything one of the most exhausting things in life but waiting in the hospital oh boy takes the cake for sure! I finally went out and ask the nurse if should could tell when he was taken into dialysis it was late go figure, but a least I knew what was going on.

Finally he is back and I took one look at him and knew something was really wrong! I ran out and asked the nurse do they give you drugs on dialysis and she said no, then looked and said they gave him a benadryl because he got anxious. Well it should have been in his chart because benadryl has the opposite effect on him. I said well he is out of his mind in there and hallucinating. She rushed in, took his vitals called the ICU nurse on duty they started running thru the preliminary stroke tests. I keep saying it is the benadryl he should never be given benadryl. I never thought there would be a reason to give it to him.

Hallucinations and the stroke brain are really a terrible combination. Expressive aphasia during hallucinations is quite terrifying. It took forever for the drug to leave his system because of the kidney function. He thought the IV stand was a strange man and the picture on the wall was 2 women. The nurse told me thank goodness you were here because we would have had to take him to ICU and do more tests. This is why people think I am nuts but if he is in the hospital I don’t even like being gone long enough to shower. It is not because I think he won’t get good care, he had wonderful care. It is for my piece of mind and my ability to understand him and what he needs.

Thankfully 2 more dialysis treatments and we were done and soon on our way home…well after 13 days. I was literally begging every doctor to send us home!

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