A Rough Week

We had a rough week this week, all of us living together with the results of the stroke, or should I say temporary results. We still walk in faith that the healing will be complete. The weekend was great, fun, exciting as we went to a State Special Olympics event and our son won a gold medal. The previous week he was interviewed and the article and video that was published was fantastic. But these weekends are very tiring and more so when you have had a stroke.

Come Monday morning he awoke at 5:30 am confused thinking it was Thursday asking me many questions clearly!!! It took several hours to get things back to our new normal and I started work on time. So thankful for my stay at home job where I can take care of all the situations and still fulfill my responsibilities and earn my paycheck.

Monday speech therapy went pretty well, but on Wednesday 4 colors were confusing and hard to get so there was some emotion and frustration at not being able to do simple colors. The upside is response time is shorter to conversation and there are more responses that are clear and accurate.

Let’s focus on the good, he is alive, he told me he has a great life, he is happy, he wishes he could drive and wants his old life back. These are all good things. Keep reaching for that complete recovery.

Thursday finally rolls around with an early morning Dentist appointment. There was confusion miss spoken words and an issue on the way to the Dentist. Once that situation was handled we carried on to the appointment but the day was on an emotional down hill slide.

Later in the day being upset and irrationally mad at our son. My son calls me to tell me what happened, crying I want my Dad back, he is my best friend. I am sitting at my desk at home crying with him I want my husband, lover, friend back intact. We wept for the Dad and husband who is there but hidden behind a brain that became broken, damaged and changed.

This stroke did not just effect my husband, it is like a nasty sticky wave that washed over those of us in his life and thicker and stickier to those closest. Our special needs son has been by his side since retirement, they worked together and played together everyday. For my best friends son who is profoundly autistic and my husband was his companion, a companion who suddenly disappeared for months. What did he think, he did not understand just Scotty is gone. Now Scotty is back but cannot drive but he is back and they continue to bowl, wrestle, play games and spend time together. This is healing for both of them. Does he even notice the difference, I think of all people Scotty is still Scotty to him and he is glad he is back in his life.

We keep going this was just a few hard tiring days. They will soon be well behind us.

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