Just one night and one morning

Spending the night at my best friends house to take care of her profoundly autistic son my husband and I were binge watching Law & Order the best the original series.  Love that Lenny he was the greatest one line zinger king on TV.

Suddenly my husband points at his chest and tells me when he wakes up it will be great he will speak clearly.  Now by waking up he means his brain healing and speech being restored, not literally waking up in the morning.  I asked him are you going to talk as much then as you do now?  No he says and laughs!  The precious moments of my life to be cherished.

We watch some more, then he looks at me and says I want to make you french toast in the morning. I asked him “do you know how to make french toast ?”  Again the laughing he said “No”.

Why did he want to make me french toast? I am not sure where that came from and don’t really care it was just cool.

The next morning he still remembered which is a great advancement and thrilling.  So we dug out the vanilla, cinnamon, eggs, milk and bread.  He could hold the egg in the right hand but could not hit it hard enough to crack it until I covered his hand with mine and away we went!

Whipping the egg mixture was another study in just how much we depend on our dominant side trying to hold the tool it was mostly sideways in the bowl and was a strain to hold it up right but he succeeded! When it came to flipping the bread over one piece ended up on the other and stayed soggy.

You know without me telling you this was the best french toast I ever had or ever will have!
I continue to be in awe of God’s healing power and presence in our life.  I will be moving on to a new job in which every consideration for my personal life and taking care of my husband is being met.

Scott is truly my hero as he perseveres with his healing everyday working at something and not sitting back and letting the effects of the stroke rule his life,

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