What is Stroke Brain

Stroke brain is different for people depending on what part of the brain was effected, I mean that makes sense right.  Different parts of the brain does different stuff.

My husbands stroke brain means quite a variety of things that keep us on our toes.  Most people are not around my husband much at least not for long periods of time anyway.  He does not get many visits, sometimes when he does after a short period of time he just tells people bye-bye go now.  I think he may even did some of that prior to the stroke.

Stroke brain is very hard on everyone.  It is hard on the person because it causes them sometimes to behave out of character.  It makes them do things that make no sense and it confuses things when they do understand and can make sense.

Stroke brain for us means we spend time looking for things.  We look especially hard for cash and the wallet.  We look for dropped pills, blankets, scissors, tools,  oh and the long-handled dust pan…we never found it,  electric tooth-brush head also never found.

We not only look for things but we find things kind of like a treasure hunt.  I cannot tell you all the different places we have found banana peels.  Gum in sink (chewed), scissors in the fridge (my favorite), popcorn kernels in the dryer, underwear in the trash.  Makes for an interesting day.

Stroke brain also means some days are independent and some days you need to be on hand for the shower so you can give the shampoo and soap up the wash cloth.  Dry the back off and help with the socks.  Be there to remind them which is the shorts and which is the shirt.

There is often a child like quality to the stroke brain , child like in the need for you and in the ability to go on without discouragement.

My husband was in the Vietnam war, he did multiple tours of duty and after 1 you had to volunteer.  He was special forces recon, Marine.  He had duties he was not allowed to talk about for 7 years.  He was brave, he was strong, he was resilient.  Today he is fighting a different kind of battle.  He does not always understand the enemy.  He gets up everyday and he exercises and he builds his body back up.

Rarely has there been any despair or defeat it just does not last long and I immediately point out the facts.  They are you were completely paralyzed on the right side, you had a large stroke deep in your brain, they thought you wouldn’t live.  You are a miracle and proof of God’s love, grace and healing powers.

The speech that keeps us seemingly apart at times will not last forever.  I notice improvement all of the time.  The best ever is to hear my husband’s tearful prayers to God , who knows what is in his heart no matter what is coming out of his mouth.

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