Time Marches On

I have done a lot of thinking and counting this week , since I currently do not have a 9-5 to clutter my brain.  Anyway I was thinking about all the little things that sometimes can pile on and make you so tired.  Just as I was thinking about these things and driving in the car a song came on Count your Blessings by JJ Weeks Band.  WOW how true I encourage everyone believers or not to listen to the lyrics of this song.  It brought me back to reality very quickly.

Do you want to know why?  Because instead of counting my blessings I was counting how much time I spent looking for things because of the stroke brain causing my husband to miss place items, throw them away, just lose them.  Everything from money to toothbrushes.

I was counting that I have probably shaved him 375 times in the last 595 days since he returned from the hospital with the infection that almost killed him.  Counting shaves instead of being thankful there was still a face growing whiskers.

I was counting the number of times, I put socks on his feet, deodorant under his arms, insulin in his arm, filled the medicine container and asked him to please just take the pills from the cup.  When he dumps them in his hand one or more will typically fall and then it is a scramble which was dropped what was swallowed -you get the picture.

Then folks there are the tears, his tears, my tears, longing for the days of normalcy….instead of thanking God that there are any days at all.

I know this is nothing to be ashamed of, that I am human with human faults and strengths and it is only Jesus Christ who keeps me on my feet for another day to thank him for all I have and all I will have in him.

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