The Day it Happened

The day it happened was normal, I had gone into the office.  Scott and Jake were at home and the plan was to go pick up our younger son Jack who was spending the night because we were going to Indiana to see my dad.  Normal for sure.

It was getting to be the end of the work day for me and I received a phone call from my son Jake, it is the phone call everyone dreads, something has happened or happening to one of your loved ones.

Jake told said “there is something wrong with Dad, he is driving badly we almost crashed on US 19 and he won’t listen to me”  Jake put me on speaker phone and all I could hear was unintelligible mumbling from my husband.

I yelled” Scotty, Scotty there is something wrong you are scaring Jake, pull over safely, pull over safely.”  He did and Jake put the car in park and turned off the engine.  He hung up to call 911.

I instantly felt devastation, horror, sadness, and a sense of unreality.  Packing up my things as I called my other son Jack asking him to go meet his brother.  All the while praying for God to be with my family and to make a safe journey for me to the hospital from the office.

I called my best friend and told her pray and call our pastor to ask for prayer.  Call EVERYONE!

I called my sister and sobbed into the phone that something was terribly wrong with Scotty and I did not know what it was.

Arriving at the ER seemed to take forever, Jake had already called and let me know he was in the ambulance with his dad.

Can I just talk a minute about Jake?  Our special needs son who suffers from anxiety and seizures. He calmly took care of his father and answered all the questions, and got him to the ER because of his fast action and clear thinking.  Scotty got the attention he needed very quickly.

Soon after arriving in the ER they moved Scotty to a room right across from the nurses station because of the severity of his condition.  In their terms..touch and go.  In God’s terms there was instant assurance in my spirit that my husband was not going to die.  All these months later I am so thankful that he is here with me and our family.


2 thoughts on “The Day it Happened

  1. I am so bless , when I arivie at church and Scott is there and I am able to give him a kiss on his cheek always telling him he is an inspiration to me. I love all of you very much. Diane you are a dear friend and the boys always make me smile. God always comfort and be such a blessing to all of you.

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