My son and his father

I am dedicating this blog to my son Jacob. If I did not have Jacob exactly like he is his dad would have never gotten all the care he needed. Jacob has permanent brain damage caused by lesions on his brain. He is one of the smartest people I know with a heart of gold and a deep relationship with God. I am not writing this to slam or shame his brothers. All of my blogs have been truthful and the truth is his brothers have really taken no part in their Dad’s recovery.

Jacobs dedication since the day of the stroke when he was riding in the car with his Dad while he was having the stroke has been unwavering. Jacob suffers from anxiety which can lead to seizures. He kept his head called me and put me on speaker phone where I actually yelled at my husband to pull over. Once that happened Jake hung up and called 911, he rode in the ambulance, showed the EMT’s the picture on his phone with his Dad’s medication lists. He never panicked, he did not have a seizure just took care of his Dad. I thank God for him continually.

When his Dad was in the hospital he stayed with a friend because he had never spent the night alone. He came everyday to the hospital. He got rides with friends and learned how to Uber which he had never done before. He was scared, devastated and emotional but when he was in the room with his Dad he talked to him, prayed for him, listened carefully to the doctors and asked very good questions. He would often stand outside his Dad’s room and cry, but he was there everyday. During this time he took care of his cat, cleaned the house grabbed the mail and brought me clothes comfortable clothes he knew exactly what to bring. He continued his Special Olympics responsibilities.

When I thanked him for everything he said “Mom, Dad is not just my Dad he is my best friend.” It showed. He sat with his Dad while I took work calls. When his Dad transitioned to Rehab he came with me I sat in the cafe and worked he went to all his therapies and learned how to transfer and help his Dad once he came home.

Scott came home in a wheelchair and we still laugh today about the first few showers where we flooded the bathroom and it took all of us to complete.

He has practiced his speech therapy with him. He schedules all of their rides to and from the gym and sometimes to the movies together, he changed where he gets his haircut so he goes with his Dad scheduling and the rides. He knows how to give him his insulin and he does not like needles.

He has withstood the good and bad, the changes in his Dad and the emotions that are sometimes not pleasant and directed at him. His love endures, he is special. He may live with us because it is out of necessity for him but he loves it and us and our life together. He is a miracle from the non-verbal little boy we adopted that no one thought could ever achieve anything. He is a champion and I hope one day his brothers will thank him for lovingly taking care of their Dad. There is so much more to him but this is what I am saying for now.

Famous trip to Hollywood during the Special Olympics World Games before the stroke.
Scott and Jake during therapy session learning to walk
Ushering at Church while still in the wheelchair

2 thoughts on “My son and his father

  1. That was absolutely beautiful, Diane. The star Jacob is kneeling in front of should be his own! Special does not even begin to describe, “the Jakester”! The way he jumped in and kept everyone on point for the AHA Broadway Fund-raising Concert was simply remarkable! He did not miss a single detail when everything else was falling apart around him! I am so proud to know Jake and have the privilege of calling him MY friend! His Brothers may or may not come around but I sure have learned by his example in the years I’ve known this remarkable young man!

    Thank you for sharing him with me!!! ❤️

    Sincerely, Glenn Elliott Stephens


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