Christmas with Stroke Brain

One of the things I always thought was wonderful with our special needs son was the continuing boundless joy and excitement during Christmas. The excitement, anticipation, curiosity, and the chatter all of it. Well there are similarities with the stroke brain and the intellectual disability. There is definitely some child like features. I am going to only focus on those that are good.

We decided to decorate for Christmas early, part of it was me having just recently returned from the 5 week long trip in which my step daughter passed away. I like Christmas colors, I love celebrating the birth of Christ and giving. This year unlike last year my husband seems more aware of what is going on . This all makes sense his brain is in the slow process of healing but it is healing. When I suggested we decorate early right before Thanksgiving it was met with enthusiasm.

We got the house decorated the inside of the house. We have 2 trees because we decorate our main living area and our Florida room. We have lots of pillow covers , bed set, bathroom items including a shower curtain just for Christmas. Every year we all year we put money into a Christmas account and in November we get the cash and begin to buy presents. This is always fun and carefree because there is a set amount we know it and we are free to spend it until it is gone. The last 2 years I have really had to do all that planning but that is ok.

We finally got to the outside of the house. We decorate the front of the house with lights and we have one of those small flag holders and the flag for Christmas is Santa with a Train.

We got the lights all set and the first night my husband was in and out of the house 5-6 times. Why? He was going outside to look at the lights. He loved them, so much joy from some $2.99 set of lights. We have a remote for them but need a battery so every night he goes out right before dark and turns them on, then he stands outside looking at them. He goes first thing in the morning and turns them off. Same thing with the Christmas trees.

He often asks me to sit in the Florida room where we have many pillows, a small tree and the fireplace decorated. He told me “I like sitting next to you” No greater compliment have I ever been paid.

We live in a small community where we zip around on our golf carts. One night we went for a drive and Scotty asked me to drive so he could look better at the lights. He stopped me many times to point at lights. I think he loved them all! He described them using wrong words but with a smile that never left his face.

He has watched Christmas movies with me willingly! He says he wants to buy me something ( we do not usually do this) but he doesn’t know what or how to do it! Then he smiles and tells me he will one day. Yes he will.

No matter how tired, how mundane, how sad or anything else it can be there is no way to not be thankful that he is still in this life with me and can enjoy so much. I am thankful, grateful and daily reminded of God’s love.

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