The Hospital & Surgery after a Stroke Pt. 1

Well it happened Scotty had to have surgery on his prostrate. It was a moment I dreaded him having to go back into the hospital while still in recovery from the stroke. It had to be done. I am convinced that the man has the worlds largest prostrate. I can have the energy to praise God a million times NO CANCER.

Still I confess when we left the Urologist office (after 2 trips to the ER 3 days apart) and he performed a scope and said we really have to go in again and clean up and remove part of the prostrate. It was not until we climbed into the car that I cried, was it for Scotty or more for me to this day I am not sure.

It was my husband who comforted me and my faith that he would come thru again and regain his health. A friend of mine said she thinks she is going to start calling him “the come back kid”. When we left the rehab from the stroke everyone referred to him as “the Miracle Man” another friend calls him Superman. All True! The proof is in the pudding as my dear old Dad use to say.

My anxiety was really over him going under anesthesia he did not do well the first 2 surgeries and that before he had a stroke. Scott just kept telling me I am strong don’t worry. Don’t be afraid to ask or even demand in a loving way for answers when someone is in the hospital. I did feel better after talking to the anesthesiologist and he advised there was a gentle drug that would cause a twilight sleep and his waking would be gentle. He spent time with me and was patient and did not act like he was rushing me in anyway. He complimented me for being thorough, he was glad for the information.

Surgery day arrived August 1 2019 we did not have to be at the hospital until 9 am which means you are not the first surgery, the surgeon is not as fresh and you can easily get bumped. It also means longer without food. I did not eat until Scotty could eat that just made me feel better but was probably crazy.

I had to sit in a packed waiting room with low to the ground tables and I always try and find a corner to work in …I pulled a decorative taller table around and sat at the end of it and worked to kill time. The most irritating thing was a fool listening to a DIY segment off his phone with no headset. Yes buddy all of us waiting wanted to hear the guy and the saw and hammering. Finally someone walked over to him and handed him some ear buds and said “for god’s sake use these” and walked away. The guy did not even look embarrassed but he put his phone away and fell asleep. God bless you sir!

I sent a lot of time craning my neck around look for Scotty’s surgery number on the board. Finally someone came and told me they had his room ready and I could go up and wait there! Hallelujah that meant he was probably in recovery. The person at the desk gave me his number and said call as many times as you want for updates. I got to his room 703 and put everything down. The phone rang they said can you come to recovery we need you to sign a consent. A consent? What for I thought he just had surgery…what is happening why is this stupid elevator so slow. Finally back downstairs and they rushed me into recovery, he looked terrible was in tremendous pain. There was too much bleeding he was heading back to surgery. He loved me, I loved him, he kissed me and they whisked him off. Waiting, waiting, finally they called me everything was good and he was in recovery would be to the room soon.

All I could do was say thank you god, thank you god, thank you god. God knows I am not ready to do without him.

Finally I saw him he was awake and not upset , not in pain and hungry. That is what I call day one.

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